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Trailers and semi-trailers

"Company" SPECPRICEP "- innovative company, since 1999 develops and manufactures trailers and semi-trailers a new generation of solutions for the most challenging transport tasks.

Along with vysokoramnymi semi trailers, trailers, semi-trailers with a detachable gander, modular systems, pipe carriers, and heavy-duty, specials, series trailer trailers with flat platform has earned the recognition of customers and, of course, is a matter of special pride for us.

By virtue of its technical characteristics (loading height from 600 to 1000 mm, capacity 10 to 93 tons, axles - 1 to 8), trailers - trailers with a flat platform ideally suited for the transport of large, indivisible and heavy loads on public roads . These versatile "workhorse," "Heavy," which are able to transport any goods: road construction and earth moving equipment (cutters, rollers, pavers, bulldozers, excavators, etc.), containers, agricultural machinery and so on. Even in our difficult tracks trailer trailers retain smoothness and speed of movement. When installing samopodrulivayuschih or forcibly controlled hydraulic axes becomes even more manoeuvrable, easy to operate under difficult conditions turn on city streets, have excellent stability.


Special attention was paid to these models, the problem of loading and unloading, which can be not just difficult, but even dangerous. Designers "SPECPRICEP" sought to take into account all the nuances of the art of arrival at the loading dock trailer semitrailer. Check-in takes place on different types of ladders. Thus, hydraulic ladders are easy and the easy lifting and lowering provide the minimum angle of arrival technique (even smaller yield ramps double addition). Simple and reliable in all conditions, mechanical ladders.

They may also be sliding - for equipment with different dimensions and gauge. For accurate load positioning, lateral displacement of the obstacles and even encouraged to rollover bars. Hydraulic or mechanical supports prevent the rise of a trailer when the trailer arrival of heavy equipment, remove the load on the rear of the semi-trailer console and reduce the load on the suspension.

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