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Trawls: low-bed trawl with front-loading, heavy trawl.
Manufacture and sale of trawls, semitrailers.

Low trawls with front loading occupy a special place in the lineup semi - dray SPECRPICEP. A mechanism for the race equipment on the platform in front of the trawl, is a patented invention of the company: a patent for detachable goose was received in 2001.

Since such road trawls always in demand among customers, because this design reduces the dynamic load on the axle and suspension and, most importantly, to ensure maximum safety of loading: when the front loading method, technique, slipping even with heavy truck-semi-trailers, does not fall and does not turn but merely the treads on the ground is shifting. The process of coupling / uncoupling takes a little more than 1 minute.

Company "SPECPRICEP" is the manufacturer and offers for sale trawls and semi-heavy-duty. Below are the various types of trawl:

9942D1 low-bed trawl
9942D1 low-bed trawl
Capacity: 10 - 18 tons, loading height: 400 ... 700 mm.

9942D2 low-bed trawl
9942D2 low-bed trawl
Capacity: 18 - 35 tons, loading height: 400 ... 700 mm.

9942D3 low-bed trawl
9942D3 low-bed trawl
Capacity: 30 - 50 tons, loading height: 400 ... 700 mm.

9942D4 low-bed trawl
9942D4 low-bed trawl
Capacity: 35 - 60 tons, loading height: 400 ... 700 mm.

9942D5 low-bed trawl
9942D5 low-bed trawl
Capacity: 40 - 65 tons, loading height: 650 ... 850 mm.

Advantages of heavy-duty low-bed trawl

Check-in takes place directly on the machinery low loader semitrailer height of just 30 ÷ 40 cm
Safe entry
The low loading height of 300 ÷ 750 mm
Fast coupling and uncoupling
The ability to raise and lower the front of the building and platform min ± 100 mm
In addition to the important benefits that provide security, low loaders trawls with front loading and have a number of others. So, gander, equipped hydraulically allows to lower the front part of the platform for the arrival of the trawl equipment at a minimum angle - loading height is only 400-850 mm, which is especially important for loading rollers, milling machines, pavers, RDK, bulldozers, excavators, etc. .. In addition, the development allows designers SPECRPICEP by changing the position gander raise or lower the ride height in the front part of a trawl-semitrailer 200 mm and the height of the rear portion of the frame can be changed by avtotrala enhanced air suspension in the range of ± 100 mm.

Safety of operation is provided Nizkoramnaja trawl and cargo in transit: detachable goose equipped with a special locking device which, for example, when approaching an obstacle frame trawl does not allow the platform disengaged from the gander.

In addition to the unique mechanisms that are part of the design of this model only low-frame trawls, n front arrival trailers can be fitted with any of those offered for other trawls. Thus, the customer can buy a low-bed trawl almost any configuration: sale semi-dray company SPECPRICEP carried out solely on the basis of an individual approach to each customer. In particular, it is possible to make the sliding frame of the trawl. Sliding frame, made on the basis of the telescopic boom crane, allows to save on transportation krupnogabarita: unloaded trawl is towed without disturbing dimensions (length of trains with low-bed trawl less than 20 meters), and therefore, if necessary, transport machinery non-standard size is sufficient to obtain only a one-time solution.

Models of duty

Trawl 40 tons

Trawl 50 tons

Trawl 70 tons

Trawl 80 tons

Trawl 100 tons

Trawl 150 tons

Specifics of trawls

It is imperative that production of trawls and manufacturing sliding frame low loader trawls used exclusively high-strength steels, which greatly enhances the slide frame trawl and enables safely distribute the load on it. Carrying capacity of the semi-trailer, heavy truck in the extended state can reach 75 tons - this sliding trawl SPECPRICEP fundamentally different from domestic and foreign counterparts, a sliding portion of the frame which does not bear the load bearing. The amplification of the frame Low Loader led only an insignificant weighting. Process control and adjust the length of the sliding platform trawl experts SPECPRICEP attention to detail. For convenience and reliability of the intermediate stages razdvizhki is blocked with the help of pneumatic drive - train driver need only turn it on at the right time.

Low trawls, heavy-duty front with a stop among others are quite maneuverable due to rotary axes, the amount of which depends on the transport problems facing the customer - they can be from one to six. The length of the trawl platform varies 6 - 17 meters, width - 2.5 - 3.7 meters.

Selling trawls dray

Price trawl varies depending on model and equipment, sale starts from 950 thousand rubles. Heavy with detachable gander for quick arrival of transported technology at a small angle low loader semitrailer front, called the American semi.

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