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  • Original construction solutions
  • Modern European equipment
  • Components and parts from the best international companies
  • Optional production time
  • Certification in accordance with GOST R ISO 9001-2001 (quality management system)
  • Warranty and maintenance services

We are the FIRST company in Russia that designed and started the serial production of:

  • 2001—semi-trailer with a mechanism of fast coupling/uncoupling of the gooseneck (patent granted)
  • 2002—extandable semi-trailer with the loading capacity of 30 tons and the straight loading platform height of 600mm
  • 2003—semi-trailer with changeable platforms based on the module principle (patent granted)
  • 2004—beam and pipe carrier for coupling with a fifth wheel truck
  • 2006—semi-trailer with a forced steered axles with hydraulic control.
  • 2007—unique trailer for the needs of nuclear stations
  • 2007—beam and pipe carrier with the frontal platform that is installed on the fifth wheel of a truck
  • 2008—module semi-trailer with a hydraulic suspension, controllable axles and a detachable gooseneck with the loading capacity from 120 tons
  • 2009—semi-trailer with the system of forced steering control and electronic calculation of the movement direction
  • 2010—extandable semi-trailer with the loading capacity of 60 tons and the straight loading platform height of 650mm
  • 2011—semi-trailer with the mechanical suspension with the travel of ±350mm.

Вы здесь