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The SPECPRICEP Company LLC is one of the leading Russian companies specializing in engineering, manufacturing and selling modern special needs trailers of the European quality.


Our mission:


  • Optimal solutions for transportation problems
  • Satisfying the most specific customers’ requests
  • Technical level and quality update
  • Mutually beneficial, reliable and fair partnership
  • Leadership in the given market segment



Our values:


  • Individual approach
  • Original solutions and unique technologies
  • We consider European experience and Russian operation conditions
  • High qualification of our specialists
  • Open communication with customers


Our style:


  • Our engineers solve transportation problems of all kinds of difficulties
  • The result of their work are models that are unique in terms of their characteristics—the models that can carry cargoes that our clients want
  • We develop and manufacture both focused and universal products—such semi-trailers can transport any cargoes and save much money for our clients
  • In production we use high-quality imported steel and components, which helps to achieve strength and durability of semi-trailers
  • We achieve maximum simplicity and reliability of our semi-trailers. Their constructive features help to maintain high maneuverability, stability and flexibility in terms of changing the parameters
  • We include as many options into package as the client wants including gasoline tanks of specific volumes and putting the customers’ logos on the equipment




  • Our technical specialists will help to make our products not only perfect in terms of technical components but also with regards to external design for a long-term perspective
  • Our specialists carry out regular technical maintenance and repair works on the produced semi-trailers; they also help to choose and supply all the necessary spare parts and components
  • We work directly with the producers of spare parts and components, which allows us to maintain not only the high quality of our equipment but also to provide a flexible discount system
  • We follow the trends in the market and exchange experience with our colleagues at different conferences and exhibitions
  • We are sure about our employees’ professionalism and the quality of our products. We are not afraid to guarantee these values.


Our recommendations: Our work has already been recognized by the Federal agency Spetsstroy Russia, OJSC Gazprom, OJSC AK Transneft, the group of companies Transstroi, the city landmark of Moscow ( SU-155 and Moscow monorail road), Tianwan nuclear station (China) and many others. Trailers and semi-trailers of SPECPRICEP have become winners at specialized Russian (“Construction Engineering and Technologies,” “Roads, Bridges, and Tunnels,” etc.) and international exhibitions (“Special Needs Transportation,” “Oil and Gas,” etc).   

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