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Low loaders for construction equipment

The company develops and manufactures low loaders that meet any specific customer needs and solve the most complex transportation problems. Low loaders Platform designed to carry machinery: road-building and indivisible loads.

Specifications Low-loading semitrailers

Number of axles - 1 to 8 pieces
Length - from 6 to 11 m (with parting of - 20 m)
Platform width - from 2500 to 3700 mm
Loading height low loader construction equipment - from 750 to 980 mm
The load - from 10 to 93 tons

9942L2 low loader semitrailer
9942L2 low loader
Capacity: 16 - 38 tons, loading height: 820 ... 980mm.


9942L3 low loader semitrailer
9942L3 low loader
Capacity: 31 - 53 tons, loading height: 920 ... 980mm.

9942L4 low loader semitrailer
9942L4 low loader
Capacity: 35 - 55 tons, loading height: 920 ... 980mm.

9942L5 low loader semitrailer
9942L5 low loader
Capacity: 40 - 70 tons, loading height: 920 ... 980mm.

9942L6 low loader semitrailer
9942L6 low loader
Capacity: 65 - 85 tons, loading height: 960 ... 980mm.

9942L7 low loader semitrailer
9942L7 low loader semitrailer
Capacity: 65 - 85 tons, loading height: 960 ... 980mm.

9942L8 low loader semitrailer
9942L8 low loader semitrailer
Capacity: 73 - 93 tons, loading height: 960 ... 980mm.

Low-loading semitrailers from SPECPRICEP - is:

Minimum loading height
Ride and high speed motion
Maneuverability, handling and stability
Forced steered axles
Reinforced air suspension function changes the height
Feature low loader

Low-loading semitrailers - one of the most popular models of production technology SPECPRICEP. The maneuverability of the semi, which is achieved in particular by allowing the forced control axes, making them indispensable in tight traffic, for example, when transporting cargo through the city streets. Number of axles at the same time varies depending on the problems faced by the carrier - they can be from one to eight. By increasing the number of axes increase capacity and size of the trawl low loader construction equipment: bulk cargo, which is able to transport a semi-trailer from SPECPRICEP, ranges from 10 to 93 tons, length - from 6 to 20 meters and its width - 2, 5 to 3.7 meters.

On request, the manufacturer equips trawls pull or push-expanders low platform truck, electric or hydraulic winch, metal or aluminum sides, any of the existing types of ladders - hydraulic, mechanical, sliding, double built, or zakidnymi ladders, and many other components, depending on the the specifics of the client. So, for example, for the transport of cars and locomotives is the optimal loading height low loader - 600 mm as well as special niches formed under the wheels of technology. To reduce the angle of arrival of the low platform that is extremely important for the transport rollers, cutters, pavers, RDK and DEC, such trailers are set gidrotraly and easy to transport machinery wheeled trolley - special ladders, ramps for easy arrival.

Sliding frame, made on the basis of the telescopic boom crane, as well as expanders low loader, gives the customer the opportunity to save on transportation of oversized cargo: an unloaded semi-trailer towed without disturbing dimensions (length of trains shall not exceed 20 m), and therefore, if necessary, transport equipment custom sizes enough only get a one-time solution. At the same time, unlike their foreign counterparts Spreading of the low platform for specialized equipment it is also a carrier, that is, it is possible to have the goods.

To work in an urban environment to set the bus trawls small dimension (8,25R15 or 235R17,5) - it allows them when passing under bridges, overpasses, tunnels, easy to fit into the dimensions of height, even if the load height exceeds 3 meters.

You want to buy low loader semitrailer?

Make a reservation to the platform, specify the characteristics to learn about availability and price of a semi-trailer, please call +7 (495) 722-55-44, +7 (495) 508-08-78 or by filling out an application.

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