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Additional equipment

You can order additional options that are appropriate for your trailer:


• Plug-in or pull-out expanders

• King-pin lock for anti-theft protection

• King-pin of different sizes

• Paint requested by the customer

• Paint varnish

• High alloyed Swedish steel for weight reduction

Suspension system:

• Self-steering axles

• Forced steered axles with hydraulic control

• Radio remote control of the semi-trailer mechanisms (for example: setting the wheels straight)

• Hydraulic drive of actuation components 

• Odometer on an axle

• Autonomous lubrication system (with the forced steering system)


• Michelin tires


• Yellow flashing beacon

Chassis attachments:

• Electric or hydraulic winch with a pulling force of 6 tons

• Gooseneck cover

• Your advertising on the trailer

• Boards on the loading platform

• Stanchions on the loading platform

• Cover on the loading platform

• Attachable aluminum or metal ramps

• Single or double folding hydraulic ramps

• Double folding mechanical ramps

• Flip ramps

• Autonomous hydraulic pump with electric drive

• Additional steel or plastic boxes

• Hydraulic support on the back of the trailer

• Mechanical support on the back of the trailer

• Guiders for better loading

• Fuel tank of 500 liters

• Fasteners for 5 tons of cargo in specified parts of the equipment

• On-board computer with a screen that indicates: load, mileage, service interval

• Stretching screw with chains for fastening cargo

• Ratchet straps with a winch for fastening cargo

• Advanced spare parts including fast-wearing spare parts

• 1self-steering  axle and 3forced steered  axles


* If the construction can be installed on a semi-trailer.

* Please note that any additional equipment increases the kerb weight of the semi-trailer and correspondingly reduces the load capacity. 

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