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9942H3 Heavy duty semi trailer

Technical characteristics 9942H3

55 000kg
Curb weight: 
13 000 kg
Fifth wheel load: 
27 000 кг
Working platform lenght: 
11 500 mm
Platform width: 
2 500 mm
Platform loading height: 
1 300 mm
Saddle height: 
1250...1900 мм
Axles / tires: 
3 / 12 + 2
1 410 мм
Tire dimensions: 
12.00 R20
Standard equipment: 
  • Frame made of high-strength steel S690QL (the strength limit 690MPa)
  • King-pin 2’’
  • Landing gears
  • Gooseneck for trucks (4х2, 6х2, 6х4)
  • Gooseneck’s height upon the request
  • Upon welding, the frame undergoes shot blasting
Suspension system:
  • Fixed axle with the drum brake for Russia
  • Reinforced air suspension for Russia
  • Height regulation valve
  • Electronic brakes system (EBS) with the function of anti-overthrowing
  • The control parking brake panel on the side of a semi-trailer
  • Tires 235/75 R17.5
  • Steel wheels 6.75х17.5, 10х22.5
  • Extra wheel in package
  • Aspoeck lights with LED side lamps
Chassis attachments:
  • Winch for lifting the spare wheel
  • Hatch for gooseneck maintenance
  • Aluminum removable boards on the gooseneck
  • Side protection
  • Metal bars on the frame
  • Galvanized guide beam
  • Rings for cargo fastening
  • Mechanical ramps
  • Splashers
  • Chocks
  • Galvanized sliding signs for the oversized cargoes
  • Bag with spare parts
  • Instruction Manual
  • Technical data sheet with the list of service stations for maintenance and warranty repairs of semi-trailers
Note: The manufacturer reserves the right to change the parameters in order to improve the design. 

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